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Supply chains break down and suppliers become unstable or even go bust . But above all, we all are being reminded for not taking actions in securing our supply chains.
What a pitty, as Supply Chain Risk Management is neither expensive nor complex. Get it done!
Our crisis-experienced supply chain risk and insolvency management experts support you in securing your deliveries, in case of supply disruptions and in building up a powerful risk management program. Frontline & hands-on based on 50+ years of global Procurement experience.

We fight the crisis on your side

We use our experience with crisis situations for targeted activities. Pragmatic, proven in practice and results-driven

Securing stocks and parts availability, „get parts“
Find & develop alternative sources (supported by AI)
Supply Chain stability
Build & lead crisis response teams
Manage critical suppliers
Prevent & manage insolvencies
Redesign of your Supply Chain (Resilience)
Implement your holistic
Supply Chain Risk Management

Jan-Henner Theissen

Global Procurement Executive Recognized Thought Leader for Crisis- and Supply Chain Risk Mangement 
Leads & establishes Risk Management programs in Automotive, etc. since 2008
(Procurement expertise since 1996)

Sandra Kleinejasper

Subject matter expert on Risk-,  Contract-  and Insolvency Management
Successfully managed 50+ risk cases 
 Expert for Emergency plans
(Legal Expert, Masters in Law, Procurement expertise since 2006)

Tom Melcher targetP!

Tom Melcher

Procurement Leader & Expert Recognized Supplier Mgmt. Leader Establishing supplier management programs since 1996
Vast  x-industry experience 
(Procurement expertise since 1989)

Stefan Wiemers

Thought Leader on Digital Supply Chain Risk Management
Implemented numerous risk solutions
(Masters in Informatics, Procurement expertise since 2010)

Supply Chain Stability – NOW!

We operate a strong, global partner network

Together with our partners, we are well equipped to overcome the crisis; werecognize risks early on and prevent them. Audit suppliers, avoid delivery bottlenecks and much more. Together with you, we will put together your overall crisis package, tailored to your individual needs.

We deliver a bullet-proof & crisis-proven risk management approach

As Procurement leaders & subject matter experts, we’ve spent the last 12 years making supply chains transparent & stable. Where necessary, components and tools have been resourced & relocated. Safety stocks have been optimized, material flows secured. We have sucessfully fought disruptions during the automotive  crisis 2008-2011and during the heavy machinery industry crisis 2013-2017.

We’re experienced to identify supplier instability and problems in the supply chain at an early stage and actively take countermeasures. Comprehensive risk management strategies  plus practical measures were developed, activated & successfully implemented in crisis situations.

We have been on site for our customers and have actively managed critical situations, built personal relationships and thus enabled preferred deliveries!

We have negotiated with insolvency administrators in more than 30 cases, actively represented our interests and those of our clients. In doing so, we have supported our suppliers.

We won the German BME eSolutions Award 2015 and the German Logistics Award 2016 for our innovative approach to supplier integration & risk management.

Strengthen your Procurement!

Be ahead of your competition – drive sales & profits with a safe Supply Chain


Why we’re your risk fighters of choice


Every single one of us has worked on the frontlines and delivered value by developing leading Procurement organizations– as Procurement leaders & recognized subject matter experts.


We walk the talk. We are not “folks looking to sell” – we provide solutions & satisfaction. And we know firsthand how to successfully position Procurement within the organization.


We are entrepreneurs by heart – divers, global & we share one passion: PROCUREMENT. Thus we separate true value levers from short-lived air bubbles and talk clearly.


We use our combined 50+ years Procurement experience to work on the FUTURE of Procurement. We speak the language of Procurement – CPOs and Buyers alike

Award-winning Risk Management solutions

Our groundbreaking Supply Chain Risk programs involve state-of-the-art technologies. They have been recognized by leading Procurement Associations in Europa. Also and many well-known Procurement magazines such as have featured it. 

BME: Excellence in eSolutions 2015

AGCO is able to monitor the entire process from risk analysis to risk evaluation. This enables Purchasing teams to make transparent & quick decisions based on total cost of ownership and on anticipated or potential risks, and to identify and evaluate risks.

BVL: German Logistics Award 2016

The concept drives digitalization of AGCO’s inbound supply chain to improve the transport network design & optimization as well as freight cost invoicing. The so-called AGCO ‘Smart Logistics’ initiative is said to have achieved cost reductions of more than 25% across the inbound supply chain and a 10% increase in on-time delivery.

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